Created and branded an imaginary conference all about woodworking.

GRAIN Conference

7 Weeks | Print Design, UI | Illustrator, Sketch



Since woodcraft is such a tactile and sensory experience, I chose photography as my branding medium. I wanted to evoke the feeling of sitting in the woodshop, feeling dusty tools and brushing away sawdust. I also wanted to call attention to the beauty of it all in the grain of wood and the trustworthy feeling of picking up your favorite tool. This look is all about celebrating the long history of wooden products, and the skill it takes to craft something with bare hands.

To compliment the photography, I also chose to highlight the sketching aspect of craftsmanship. In the age of technology, sketching out a plan and making it real adds to the nostalgia and mastery of the experience.


Grain is an weeklong conference where professionals (and aspiring professionals) in wood-related crafts fields like carpentry or furniture-making come together to learn and share. It's a hands-on conference of technique workshops, skill sharing that culminates in a "build-a-thon" at the end where makers can show their stuff. It's all about celebrating wood as a material, and exploring the future of the art in its many forms. 

This year's theme is "wood and well-being," the prompt for the build-a-thon encouraging makers to create products to assist mental health, environmental health, physical health, or any other interpretation of the term.


A double-sided poster that folds up into a mailer.

Poster Front

Poster Back

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